About Salon d'esthétique L'Esté Lise 

During the last 36 years aesthetics has changed incredibly. New ingredients have come and gone to make way for new and innovative ingredients.


We've  gone through liposomes fruit acids glycollic acid's and now hyaluronic acids. Since then we have the machines Microdermabrasion lasers IPL's.  It's important to stay knowledgable and in the know.


I've also been a coach for protein diet for over 10 years. Bringing  a client  to their goal is always uplifting and rewarding.


For the last 18 years I've worked with Sothys. It's a French line always looking for new ingredients and techniques.


Recently I change my make up line Malu Wilz It is from Germany, beautiful textures and colours. A joy to work with!


Lucky for me after 37 years in the business I still look forward to going to work every day. It would be my pleasure to include you amongst my clients.


Thank you!